Liturgy and Music

Introduction to Evangelical Lutheran Worship states:

In the principal service of Christian worship, the Holy Spirit gathers people around the means of grace—the saving Word of God and the sacraments. From the table of communion where Jesus Christ comes with forgiveness, life, and salvation, God sends us out to share the good news and to care for those in need.

The basic pattern of this service—gathering, word, meal, sending—is a structure that allows for freedom and flexibility in the ways worship may be shaped locally, while focusing on what the church holds in common. The whole people of God are joined by the same gifts of grace, for the sake of the same mission of the gospel, into the life of the one Triune God.


The Lutheran Church has historically been called “The Singing Church”. This is because Martin Luther added congregational praises to the traditional men or boys chanting choirs. He wrote many hymns himself, feeling they could teach the faith in memorable ways. Often he took well-known folk tunes and wrote religious words to the familiar melodies. At St. Paul’s, music has always been an important part of our worship life. We have a beautiful Tracker Action organ that supports lively and powerful singing of great hymns of the past and contemporary Christian music. We also have three choirs.

    Chancel Choir

    The choir is composed of men and women who love the Lord and proclaim that love through music. And while they spend time learning notes and rhythms, they also spend time listening to the words and message of the hymn to help communicate God’s message to us. The Chancel Choir leads us through song to the glory of God as an expression of faith. Many choir members are “long-timers” who’ve been singing at St. Paul’s for decades. Some began singing here as children in St. Paul’s choirs. Did you know we have a couple of husband and wife couples singing together in the choir, too? 

    They rehearse on Thursday nights from 7:30 – 9:00 and sing during our Sunday morning service at 10:00. The Chancel Choir is directed by Marjorie Waxenburg.

    Teen Choir

    Our Teen Choir is a lively group of youth who are confirmation age and older. They rehearse on Sunday mornings from 11:20 - noon. If you like guitars, flutes and violins, this is the musical group to join. We sing monthly at the Sunday morning service at 10:00 and on special occasions. We periodically join the Chancel Choir to really "raise the roof" praising God. Marian Bienwald leads this "rocking" choir.

    Animato Bell choir

    Directed by Noah Thielke, the bell choir’s membership includes teenage youth as well as veteran “ding-a-lingers.” We have a glorious set of Schleiermacher bells. The group rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 7– 8:00 and plays approximately once a month during our Sunday morning service at 10:00.

    Tracker organ

    An organ is defined as a keyboard instrument which produces sounds by forcing air through whistles and reeds called pipes. Thus, it is a wind instrument. This organ has three keyboards, two for the hands (called ‘manuals’, of 61 notes each) and one for the feet, called ‘pedals’, with 30 notes. The lower manual is called the “Great” organ because it controls the pipes which in combination produce the grand full organ. The “Swell” is so called because its pipes are housed in a box with shutters across the front which may be opened to ‘swell’ the sound. The ‘Pedal’ has the deepest-toned pipes to provide a bass to the entire organ. All keyboards can be coupled together combining the full resources of the organ.

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