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Site design: Anthem


Aleo Light

Heading 40 pt Bold Aleo Light

Subheadings 30 pt Bold Aleo Light

Photo Captions/headers: 20 pt Bold Aleo Light

Regular paragraph text: 16pt Bold Aleo Light

Copying text from another source?

Paste it into a new Word doc first and remove underlines, weird spacing, etc. Then copy and right click to Paste as Plain Text on our site

Sermon Videos - use <center></center>

To center videos on page: copy the video's URL to notepad or Word; add <center></center> to URL. 

Then copy and paste the whole string to the Sermon Video page by right clicking, Paste as plain text.

Make sure there are no extra spaces.




Follow the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook for fundamental guidelines (spelling, language, punctuation, usage and journalistic style)

Undo: Control+Z

Site Specs (in pixels)

Logo: 720 x 374

Gallery: 3338 x 1404

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Layout 1: 718 x 718

Layout 2: 718 x 718

Layout 3: All-Text Section

Layout 4: 2196 x 668

Layout 5: All-Text Section

Layout 6: 432 x 432

List Page List: 476 x 462

List Page Grid: 512 x 496

Edit Sections

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