There are many ways we Gather, Grow and Share at St. Paul's. Here are a few upcoming events. Please join us!

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As we move closer to 2017 and the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, we will hear more and more discussion in church and the secular media about the role of faith, the formal church and what happened 500 years ago. This forms the backdrop for our adult Bible Studies and Book Groups throughout the year. The breakup of the Roman Catholic Church and the birth of the Lutheran Church on October 31, 1517 was a moment in the ongoing history and growth of the Christian Church on earth. Join us as we discover how we are part of the body of "one, holy catholic and apostolic" church. 

  • Christian Caring - A Way of Life

    “I believe it, but how do I live it?” Our faith is more than a set of beliefs; it is a way of life. So, how do we live what we believe?  Beginning March 12, we're offering a new course to help you find some answers. Join us as we explore how we can live our lives in a distinctively Christian Way. This class will be relevant for anyone who has ever wondered: What makes the act of relating to others “Christian”? There is a $15.00 registration fee, which covers the cost of materials. Please talk with Pastor if the cost poses a financial burden.

    Contact Debbie Peltz at 631-261-3385 ( or Barbara Gai at 631-271-2868 ( with questions.

    • Class Dates: Sundays  April 9th, May 7th, May 17, June 7th, June 11th, (11:30-1:30) and Wednesdays May 17th, June 21st (7:00-9:00 p.m.)
  • Vacation Bible School - August 7 -11, 9 a.m - Noon

    Join us, we’re going to Rome! We’ll be exploring caves, meeting Paul the Apostle, making projects, playing games, and tasting foods from Rome! There will be a special performance and potluck lunch at the end of the week. And you’ll probably make some new friends while doing all of this!! You can pick up a registration form in the Narthex, the Church Office or directly download it here.

    Contact Marianne Winthrop with questions at 631-757-7498.